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Helping you innovate and grow by addressing your Business and Employment Law needs.

Business Law

We provide advice for entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area. From business startup to closing, we are there for you.

Employment Law

We provide a variety of employment law services from the start to the end of the employment relationship.

Flexible Billing

We work with your budget to achieve your goals. Our flexible billing plans include flat fee rates and amortized legal fees for larger projects.


We offer many conveniences such as multiple office locations,use of technology to make our relationship efficient.

Business & Employment Law

We are located at 1540 Cornwall Road, Suite 205, Oakville, Ontario.

Call us at Contact us at (289) 291-7655 or toll free at 1-800-559-9970.  Faxes can also be sent to 1-800-559-9970.

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Bringing the practice of law into the 21st century.

Here are some features which differentiate us:

Online Portal

As a business owner, we know that you may work long and unpredictable hours.  Our online portal gives you the option to send and receive secure, truly confidential, correspondences with us.  It provides 24/7 access to your files, and allows you to pay our bills online at your convenience.


Head office at the Border of Mississauga and Oakville, but also able to meet you anywhere in the GTA.


Bringing legal services into the 21st century keeps our costs low, so savings are passed on to you.  This includes using technology such as: Skype, Office 365, Dropbox, Client Portal, Digital Signature, Secured messaging, Google Hangout


We strive to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. This includes digitizing our records.  Where possible, we rely on digital signatures.  This results in savings in storage costs, which enable us to keep our prices low.

Simple Pricing

Most of our services are billed as a flat fee, meaning that your costs are predictable and fit within your budget.  Where our work is on an hourly basis, we provide you with realistic estimates so that you can budget for your expenses and make informed decisions. We believe in fair billing – fair to you and to us. That’s why we don’t charge for minor disbursements such as photocopies, faxes, mail.


Responsive – We know that sometimes business decisions need to be made quickly. We pride ourselves in our prompt response times.  Most answers provided within 24 hours.

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